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WaterBear x Jack Wolfskin - Spirit of the Forest


WaterBear x Jack Wolfskin - Spirit of the Forest

We went to the Carpathian Mountains to make a film about a Romanian commune fighting for the conservation of an ancient Beech tree forest and this is what we came back with. Watch the full film here - https://www.waterbear.com/watc...

A huge thanks to the people of the Nucșoara commune, who welcomed us in and taught us so much about this amazing forest and why we need to preserve it.

We hope this film helps raise awareness of the Carpathian biodiversity that we must protect and encourages people to get out and enjoy the forest, wherever that may be.

👉 Watch ‘Spirit of the Forest’ & find out how to adopt a tree on @waterbearnetwork via link in bio.

🎥 ‘Spirit of the Forest’ @waterbearnetwork Original film
🎞 Made in partnership with @jackwolfskin and @conservation_carpathia

Production company @parkpictures
Producer @emilyjonesxx1
Exec @shelleybones
Colourist @juliarossetticolor
DOP @isaaceastgate
Wildlife photography @gamanderlopez
Focus puller @austenlane
Music and sound @rollo_mason

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