Jamie Jones

NOWNESS - Life of the ASMRtists


NOWNESS - Life of the ASMRtists

Despite being something so innately physical, ASMR is a phenomenon that exists largely online. A tingling sensation triggered by certain audio or visual cues, there are over 20 million YouTube videos relating to the subject – from people whispering into microphones, role-playingas hairdressers, and cutting up bars of soap. The creators of these videos, known as ASMRists, have created online communities so vast and varied an entire cultural movement has been born.

Directed by Jamie Jones

Design Museum @designmuseum @arkdesc
Talent @rubynetherwood @atlasasmr
Commissioners @shelleybones @kittymetcalfe
Music @jrjwilkinson
Studio @stringandtins
Sound design @i.am.kaspar